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About Us

"We are all a part of nature"

We are a Holistic Salon-Spa that not only cares for the external appearance of our guests but also promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors to ensure inner well-being. We believe that hair are our leaves, twigs, tendrils or appendages. Our scalp is our soil, which when well nourished provides a sustainable environment for our roots. Our blood, like water, carries and distributes the nutrients to our roots hence our focus on inner well being. Lastly, water and the products we use fertilize our scalp(soil) and strengthen our hair. Plant and trees come in many different natural shapes and pigments. Some leaves grow up, some grow down as does our hair. We are on a journey to form a symbiotic relationship between people and plants.

 Fun Fact: our hair can be used to fertilize plants in the same manner plants are used in our cosmetic products. 

Whowe are

Whatwe do

"Committed to Creativity"

Our team of professionals is proudly committed to offering a unique and pleasant experience with a wide array of salon and spa services. We use only organic products derived from nature, provide expert advice and education, quality service, and diverse styling for our guests. The salon is perfect for those that are seeking a new, exotic look that is customized just for them. We get to know you, take your lifestyle into consideration, and create your new look. We firmly believe there is a style for everyone. We want to educate our guests and invite them to be apart of the Tendrils and Twigs culture.

"Inspired by nature"

We believe in showing transparency, creativity, diversity, and knowledge above all in our industry. Many separate business from their personal lives but to us, our business is personal, and we want our business to be a reflection of our best self. We treat our guests how we would want to be treated and hold our service to them with the same standards we hold for ourselves. We hope to attract like minded individuals who are keen to the value of what we have to offer. Given the right environment, nature never falters in showing the best version of itself. We have made it our duty to provide the best environment for you to be the best version of yourself.

Whywe do it

Howwe do it

"All creations must co-exist"

With 15 years of experience in the industry, our owner has analyzed and formulated a plan to ensure a symbiotic relationship between both plants and people at Tendrils and Twigs. We have dedicated time and resources to certify all human hair used in our salon is ethically sourced and ensure all products we use are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We have conducted many hours of research of the benefits of botanical ingredients and strive to use chemical free, natural products. We work hard to reduce our carbon foot print by recycling 90% of our used materials, using energy efficient electric appliances, and filtering our water so less is required during our services. We have taken up many classes and received certifications to prove our expertise in the field and for best healthy and safety practices.

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