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Black Heritage Picnic at The Dallas Arboretum Presented by Tendrils and Twigs Salon

Updated: May 3, 2023

Sunday May 7th 10am-2pm


  • Intro to our Salon

  • Tendrils and Twigs Makeover

  • Stretch Session with Tristan

  • Cosplay Characters by Planet Vee Agency

  • Music by Majied Lafleur

  • Photography by Renell Bell

  • Makeup by BYOD, AHMUA, Glammed by Que and, Suri

  • Sounds by DJ Moore

  • FAQ

Welcome to Tendrils and Twigs

Tendrils and Twigs is an organic culture salon and spa that promotes empowering people via education and holistic approaches. We are proudly committed to offering a unique and pleasant experience with a wide array of salon and spa services. When entering our salon, you enter an atmosphere of good vibes and healing energy. Presently, our mission is to educate youth ages 10+ and guide them on their path to success as entrepreneurs.

Get Ready for the Black Magic

Sunday May 7th 10am-2pm

Imagine a lush green field of the botanical garden grounds filled with beautiful black men and women of all ages enjoying what seems to be a picnic. This is no ordinary picnic, as you notice the bright spring colored clothing, the flower dresses, and children with flowers in their hair all enjoying fruit bowls and fresh herbal teas. You'll see hair fairies and nature themed characters frolicking with the visitors. Participants are encouraged to purchase food and beverages from nearby vendors .

Activity 1 Tendrils and Twigs Makeover

Everyone grabs a partner, floral accessories and take a seat on their blanket/lawn. Tiger will lead the group in the art of floral hair arrangement. She will be assisted by her Tendrils 'n Training (young students in her training program) to guide the group in beginner friend hairstyling consisting of braids, ponytails, updos, and pinning accessories. Participants will leave the activity with a new spring inspired look and confidence in recreating the look on their own. Participants will be encouraged to film the process, take photos of their looks and geo tag The Dallas Arboretum.

During this activity, participants and onlookers will enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Handpan provided by renowned handpan artist Majied Lafleur. Majied will also host a look and learn that allows the children to become familiar with the musical instrument.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have their photos taken by Renell Bell, professional photographer the creative behind many infamous looks. Renell Bell is a commercial and beauty photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Bell's pursuit of commercial and beauty images have taken him around the world almost continuously for well over a decade now. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of a life-long passion for all things beautiful.

Creative face paint and makeup looks by our All-Star makeup team featuring BYOD ( Be Your Own Desire), Ari Hajek, Glammed by Que, and Suri. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy floral and nature themed makeup and face paint looks from our team of professional artists. The children can be transformed into one of their favorite characters.

Time to eat!

Attendees have the opportunity to visit food and beverage vendors and return to their blankets if they choose to do so. This will be a great time for networking, discussions, and photo opportunities. We imagine live music playing on the lawn as everyone enjoys their meal. Everyone should tag the vendor they chose to visit as well as the Arboretum in their beautiful picnic photos!

After the Picnic, attendees can visit the Tendrils and Twigs booth to purchase custom handmade accessories, hair teas, have their hair styled, and more!

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the festivities!

What should I bring?

Good vibes and good people are always welcomed! We recommend picnic blankets, picnic baskets, and water. Feel free to also bring in fresh and/or artificial flowers.

What should I wear?

Spring colors are required to join our photoshoot. Floral picnic dresses are recommended for the ladies and floral casual attire for the fellas.

How does this help our community and the Arboretum?

Representation matters and our goal is to change the narrative on outdoor activities Black Americans participate in. We want to see more black men and women of all ages not only just outdoors, but actually taking leisure time in the sun meditating and relaxing their minds in nature. Visit your local park or Botanical garden, set up a yoga mat next to a pond and open up a book or close your eyes as you listen to a morning meditation and let the sun shine on your glorious brown skin. This is personal for me, because as I have found a new way to spend time outdoors, I realize how important it is for others to explore this option. When i introduce brown family and friends, they are full of excitement and express the peace they feel and how they rarely ever see other browns spending time in this manner. I see the Arboretum as a safe place for brown people to explore the option of picnics and meditation outdoors solo or with their families. We deserve a beautiful safe place to relax! Family memberships should be encouraged

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